Sunday, May 1, 2011

When Art Becomes Work

All of a sudden I have been receiving requests for custom artwork. It's funny how you will go months without any interest in your work and then all of a sudden...BAM! I'm kind of up in the air about custom work. I love making art for people, but sometimes I just want to work in my journal and make art for me. When you are asked to make something specific for someone, it becomes more like a job rather than from the heart. Does that make any sense? Do any of you ever feel that way with your art?

I was also asked to donate a piece to help raise money for my local Children's Museum. I did this last year and was honored that they asked me to donate again this year. I really had fun with this painting. It is pretty large (16X20) and I added a lot of 3D embellishments and texture. I hope they are able to raise a lot of money for the piece and that it goes to a good home. I dropped her off at the museum a week ago and I miss her already! :(