Thursday, March 27, 2014


After tons of research and trying out a few websites, I decided to open my own NING site!! If you are not familiar with Ning, it is a community website with a customized appearance and feel. On Ning you are able to customize your own profile page, friend others on the site, chat and upload photos. There is also a forum section where we will be able to discuss all things related to art. I will also be able to offer classes online.

There are many artist Ning sites out there, but I really wanted to add an element that I don't think anyone else out there has. Of course I will be offering online adult classes, but I will also be offering children's classes as well.

I teach children's art classes in person and I really want to be able reach more kids, so I'm very excited. I already have two classes for kids online and I am working on launching my very first adult mixed media class very soon.

Here are the two children's classes I have available so far:

"Winter Polar Bear Scene"- In this 4 video series, children ages 7+ will learn various watercolor techniques to make this beautiful snowy scene. A printable template of the polar bears will be provided. Class is available for download and the cost is $12.

"How to draw and paint a whimsical Owl"- In this 3 video series, children ages 6+ will learn step by step how to draw and paint this cute owl. They will also learn details to make their owl extra special. Price $12

I would love for you to join my site so we can share our love for art!! To join the Twisted Figures Ning site, just click here:

See ya over there!!


Sunday, March 9, 2014

More Documented Life Pages.

I have been playing catch up in my planner, but I just love working in it. If you are interested in playing along, check out the Facebook group The Documented Life Project and join (it is fun and free).

 Prompt 3: Add an envelope to your page.

Prompt 4: Write on your page and then cover up the page leaving only one word.

Prompt 5: Add a doodle border.

Prompt 6: Get inspired by Pinterest. (I did mine based on artist Cori Dantini).

                       Prompt 7: Repeat a Shape.

Prompt 8: Add a flap to a flap.

Flap closed

Flap open

Prompt 9: Recycle