Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Back to my Scrapbooking Roots...Kinda!

I love making handmade journals and I also love pretty scrapbook papers. I haven't actually scrapbooked in years, but I still have plenty (and I mean PLENTY) of paper. So, I got the bug to make some cute little mini books with some of my coordinating scrapbook paper packs. This is the result. They are 4X4 mini's (so cute) and I embellished the front. The insides have coordinating paper and are ready for pictures and embellishments. I vision them to be little brag books you could keep in your purse. They were a blast to make and I will probably make more soon. If you are interested in one, I have them listed in my shop for only $6.

Happy Arting (I don't think that is a word; oh well)....