Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Gifts all around us!!

We just finished up a pretty heavy women's bible study at my church so we decided to do a simple one for the next 5 weeks. My bible study leader (the Pastor's Wife) chose 1,000 gifts by Ann Voskamp. In a nutshell, this study is challenging me to look at my life and the things around me as gifts from God. The little things, like the birds chirping outside the window of my art room, morning coffee, stories from friends that make me smile and my son's laugh. So often we get caught up in the busyness of life; rushing from here to there, deadlines, baseball games and much more. Negative things happen and we focus on those things (I know I do) and let them get to us. But for every 1,000 fears and negatives in our life, there are 1,000 gifts that God has for us...if we just take the time to look around and notice them.
I have decided to start a gratitude journal and list the things I am grateful, and thankful for. I'm not really looking to write 1,000, I am going to just write down as much as I can for as long as I can. Here is a list of my first 20:
  1. Forgiveness on a daily basis
  2. Godly women in my life
  3. A family who loves me
  4. A healthy son
  5. A giving husband
  6. A nice home to call my own
  7. Talents God has given to me
  8. A beautiful city to live (San Diego)
  9. the ability to see
  10. the ability to hear
  11. the ability to think for myself
  12. Freedom 
  13. A quiet house
  14. Time to myself
  15. The ability to share myself with others online (HKC)
  16. The breeze that is coming through my back door right now, refreshing my lungs and skin
  17. Transportation of my own.
  18. A mother that I share a strong bond
  19. Morning Coffee
  20. My Bible
What are you grateful for? Do you keep a gratitude journal? Have you read this book or done the bible study?

Also, my last post was about my new coloring book download. This is so fun and I'm glad that I can create something that may help others. Coloring books are not just for kids; many adults find coloring a way to escape and to calm their anxieties. My Pastor's wife recently confessed to me that she often buys children's coloring books and has completed many of them. I remember as a teenager, my step-dad and I would sit on the floor in the living room and just color; it was a bonding experience for us. 
I have a bigger vision for these "books." I would love to be able to help people in nursing homes, hospitals etc. by providing them a way to escape their troubles for just a moment; all the while giving them a message of peace and hope through God's word.
If you are interested in buying my very first coloring book, here is a link for you (only $6). I have also created a mini-class that gives you some ideas on how to color your book (colored pencils & Gamsol, and watercolor). I also show you a way to create a note card for someone. This class is $12 and includes the coloring book download. The link for the class is here.
Peace & Blessings!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Introducing...God's Girls..The Coloring Book!!!

I'm so excited to finally release my very first coloring book PDF download!!! God's Girls Volume 1!! The coloring book PDF includes 6 pages (including the cover) for you to color along with Bible verses with the themes "Joy, Hope, Love, Faith and Peace." The PDF download is only $6 but... I decided to create a class that includes the download for only $12. 

Adult Coloring Books are the rage now!   And wonderful news is that you can deepen your faith walk and color at the same time!  I have created a technique class to demonstrate a variety of ways you can color in your “God’s Girls Coloring Book.”  You will learn how to color with colored pencils and Gamsol (a great solvent that helps blend your colored pencils) as well as using watercolors (tubes, pans, etc.)You will also learn how to print the book on different types of paper for different uses and I show you how to make a card to give to your friends too! A great bargain for the coloring book and technique class!

Sign up today at www.his-kingdom-come.com

Class is self paced and starts tomorrow (May 8, 2015)