Monday, June 9, 2014

My First Portrait Class!

I am teaching two portrait classes this month called "Whimsical Portraits" and the first one was this past Saturday! I wanted the class to be super small so I could work out the kinks (If any). The class was supposed to be 5 hours, but we ended up staying for about 6 1/2 and still really didn't finish. So, I am going to have change a few things for the next one coming up on June 28. That class is going to have 7 students. I really enjoy teaching how I draw and paint portraits!! These students amazed me. None of them have ever drawn any kind of face before and their end product was so impressive to me. They had so much fun and couldn't believe they were actually drawing something that they liked. I knew they could do it!!

People seem to think that you have to be naturally talented to be able to draw and paint, but I don't feel that way. Just like Math, or anything else, I believe drawing and painting can be taught!! My students proved that!!

Class Advertisement (6 pages of step by step how to draw a face, body, dress ideas and hair ideas)

Class Sample
One of my students first ever drawing of a Whimsical Girl (can you believe how good that is?)

Our Work Area

Another students sketches (WOW!!)

The "almost" finished canvases.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Online Kids Class Sale!!

Since it is close summer time and the kids are desperate for some fun!! I am offering my two kids classes for 50% off!! For only $6 and a few supplies, your kids can learn to draw and paint in the privacy of their own home!! All of my videos are prerecorded and ready to watch instantly! Just set your kids up in front of the computer with their supplies and they are ready to have some fun!! They can pause the video, rewind if they missed something or stop and continue later on. It's like having your own private Art lesson that you can view over and over!! 

Visit my NING site for more information

Also, here is my latest video: Magical Little Soul


Sunday, June 1, 2014

A video and new Art Journal Page!!

My boy is out of school and we look forward to many shenanigans this summer!! Here is my latest video and a new art journal page. Enjoy!!

And here is my latest art journal page (video coming shortly for this one).