Thursday, September 3, 2015

God's Aviary and Festive Soul Food!!

There are two online classes that I am involved in that are starting this week!!

Festive Soul Food has already begun with lesson 1 starting yesterday!! My lesson will air this Friday (Sept 4). Festive Soul Food is really neat because there are 13 different artists teaching a variety of classes based on any holiday of their choosing!! I chose to create a "Gratitude Journal" that can be made now and when November (Thanksgiving month) rolls around, you will have an artistic journal that you can document what you are thankful for each day. I had a blast making the book and I cannot wait to share the process with people.
Here is a little sneak peak of my project (shhh, I'm not supposed to show you this, so don't say anything to anyone).

Here is a video with a little more information about Festive Soul Food and Mystele talking about a bonus video she made to share in addition to the class. It isn't too late to sign up for this class. It is only $32 (about $2 per lesson...what?). Follow this link to sign up.

The second class starts on Saturday and it is called Faithart 102: God's Aviary. If you are a new Faithartist, or are looking to improve your art techniques, this class is for you! Faithart102: God’s Aviary is designed for beginners to intermediate level skills. You don’t need to have done Faithart101 before taking this class – but do check it out here. Each class can standalone, or be purchased as a bundle - all 5 classes for only $35!
Each class within Faithart102: God’sAviary is a combination of a bible study or research paper and a technique based project. The 5 classes each start from the theme of birds in the Bible and the symbolism and meaning we can discover.
Each standalone class is only $8 with unlimited access and is included in the Faithart102: God’s Aviary bundle for $35.
Each class is by a Foundation Team member.
Here is a video with more information and class samples!!