Monday, December 29, 2014

What is your word for 2015?

Have you heard about His Kingdom Come's two projects for 2015? One is Take Me Deeper and the other is Logos365. Go to to HKC, sign up and join these two groups. These projects start on January 2, 2015.

In the Logos365 group there is a worksheet that will help you discover what your word for the year will be. We will provide a prompt each month to help you incorporate your word into your life throughout the year.

Take Me Deeper is a weekly devotion where you can respond creatively in the art medium of your choice. We have several different art groups on the site with Moderators who will provide their art as an example for you.

I hope to see you there!!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Take Me Deeper is Almost Here!!

It's not too late to sign up on His Kingdom Come site for the year long project "Take Me Deeper." The members of the HKC site are getting excited and everyone is talking about what Journals they are going to use and showing how they decorated them. I finally made my cover a little while ago and made a video of the process, I shared it on the site but I forgot about my blog ( blonde moment). So here is the video for ya

If you haven't joined the community, here is the site link: His Kingdom Come
Come join the fun!!

Peace and Blessings,

Monday, December 1, 2014

HKC Happenings!!

We have been so busy behind the scenes of His Kingdom Come and it is so exciting to see what God is doing!! We officially launched on November 1 and as of today we have right around 845 members on the site!! Praise God!!
When the idea of this site came about,  Diane Marra and I didn't just want to create art projects for people to do and then leave, we wanted to create a community. A God centered Art Community and I am so happy to say that we are on our way to that! We also didn't want one style of art to be represented, so we have all different types of art groups on the site. Everything from Bible Journaling and Mixed Media to Photography and Fiber Arts. Each art group has one or more Moderators who are hosting the groups, creating swaps, posting challenges and discussing all things relating to that group. 

Our big project is "Take Me Deeper" which will start on January 2, 2015. Each week on HKC, we will post a bible verse, devotion and worship video and then all of the group moderators will post art showing how they responded to the challenge. Then the members will have a week to respond creatively. We will do this for 52 weeks. 52 weeks may sound like a daunting task (I am the queen of not finishing things), but here is the thing... Our goal in doing Take Me Deeper isn't to have a huge completed journal at the end of the year (or whatever medium you choose), it is to grow "deeper" in our relationship to Jesus. So, even if you finish 12 devotions, you will still be closer to God than you were, right? That is how we see it, no pressure, just a chance to grow closer to Him.

We also have online workshops on the site and our latest one is by Donna Salazar. She will teach you how to make your own Coptic Stitch Mixed Media Art Journal for personal use or for the Take Me Deeper project. The class is only $12 and will be available on Friday, Dec. 5. Check out the site for more information.

I have only mentioned a few things we have going on right now, but there is so much more! Come and visit the site and take a look around.

To Join the "Free" Take Me Deeper Project for 2015 click Here
To sign up for Donna's Class, click Here

Sunday, November 16, 2014

What word is God giving you in 2015?

His Kingdom Come will be leading our members in Logos365 during 2015.

His Kingdom Come believes that there is great power in the Word of God.  Many people choose one word that represents what they want to see more of in their life during a year. There are websites and books dedicated to this.  New Year resolutions come and go very quickly, but this process is allowing God to work in your life and for your focus to become His word for you that lasts an entire year in your life. People choose this word through thoughts or through a word occurring in their reading or devotion time that “speaks” to them. At His Kingdom Come we believe that God will guide us to what he wants to see more of in our lives during the year. 

The logos365™ project is our way of finding your word through prayer, bible study and reflection. What do you do with your logos365™?  You live with it, you invite it into your life, and you let it speak to you. You follow where it leads you.  Your logos365™ is not some promise you will keep for the rest of the year to be better. The intent of your word is that it will become a part of your for the rest of your life.  Your word builds upon each other each year, and springs forth from the places you feel you left off from your previous word.  Each word you choose builds upon each other as God’s heart becomes embedded in your character. So, the question is

As you consider selecting a word for yourself this year, remember there is no right or wrong choice. Words like abide, abundance, obey, expect, prayer, surrender, delight, submit and listen can be a very powerful experience as you allow God to guide you in your word.  This happens in your daily life, in prayer, relationships and bible study.  

So how do you find your logos365™?  Feel free to use the self- assessment tools posted at His Kingdom Come in the logos365™  group to help you identify your word and to set some personal goals around your word.  If you have participated in a one word program before choose the logos365™ returning student worksheet, or if you are totally new to the process use the logos365™ new student worksheet.

To make logos365™ real in your life, consider keeping a logos365™ journal, or creating a scrapbook or a photo book. Keeping a journal throughout the year is crucial to making this word project not just a new year’s resolution, but a change in your walk- a transformation!  If you are participating in the take me deeper process, then you can incorporate your logos365™ into your journal.   If you are not participating in the take me deeper process here are some logos365™ suggestions.

1.     Journaling: There are many kinds of journaling you can do. Pick one that works for you.
·       Open a word document on your computer that you write in each day
·       Get a spiral notebook, that you use to journal this process
·       Buy a blank page journal where you can do some doodling, drawing, and pasting pictures, etc
·       Create an art journal where you can write and play (can use your Take me deeper journal)
·       Create a weekly, monthly or quarterly post on your blog or at His Kingdom Come about your logos365™ journey.

2.      Accountability: share your logos365™ with your local small group.  If you don’t have a local small group, we invite you to share at His Kingdom come. Share your word and stay accountable with the online group throughout the year!   Find an accountability partner either in person or on HKC. This would be someone that you can share your deepest thoughts with and who will hold you accountable to your own goals and process. 

3.      Local small group:  Schedule specific meeting dates that you can discuss with your small group and your accountability partner during this stepping out in faith.

4.      Online group at His Kingdom Come: we will spend a few weeks in January seeking our logos365™. There are worksheets available for free to assist you in the process of spending time with God and discovering what logos365™ He provides to you.  Quarterly we will have a weekly discussion about your ongoing progress, any struggles, any praise reports and would love to see how your logos365™ has intertwined throughout your life.

5.     Create- make something to keep in your home, at your desk like a canvas, quilt, photo, poem, art journal, wooden word art that will keep your logos365™ in front of you throughout the year. See His Kingdom come for lots of creative examples.

Go deeper
Find out how logos365™ will impact your daily life
And draw you closer to the person God wants you to be

Will you walk out in faith with us in 2015 and live by your logos365™?

Come and have fun, faith and friendship for free at His Kingdom Come!
Join us at and sign up for the logos365™ group.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Take Me Deeper!! 52 Weeks!!

His Kingdom Come is so excited to announce the preparations are done and we are ready to launch

Take Me Deeper™ is a free weekly journey at His Kingdom Come beginning Friday, January 2 2015.   Take Me Deeper™ will be a weekly devotional and verse that will prompt us to spending time in His word. It is about each of us encouraging, sharing and studying the word.

Each week you will get the opportunity to translate bible study into art- mixed media, a journal, a photograph, or a digital page, poem, music. Every Friday HKC will post a verse, devotional, worship video and examples of how we interpreted the bible study in our art.  We pray that these 52 weeks will change how you approach, engage and apply God’s word in your life and art. At the end of the year regardless of how many weeks you participated, you will have created a legacy of the faith walk. This legacy will show you how God has moved in your life!

v Who can join?
We welcome anyone who wants to take their faith walk deeper into understanding God’s Word and deeper into their creativity. We will begin January 2, but you can join at any time during the year. You can’t be “behind” since this is about your personal journey with God and your creativity. The community at His Kingdom Come will walk with you, support and encourage you!

v Where will the devotionals be? 
Posts will be on the HKC site and on the HKC Facebook Page.

v Where can I share and discuss my preferred art medium? 
Discussions will be across all the art mediums, so feel free to check out each art group for ideas, questions, suggestions and creative ideas.

v So how do I start?  
First, become a member of His Kingdom Come. It is free and the first step in accessing all the creativity on the site.  Beginning December 2014, HKC will have suggestions for making a journal, decorating a journal, what journal to use, and supplies to gather.

v If I am doing other projects, can I incorporate them into Take Me Deeper?   
Yes, if you are part of the Journaling Bible community, or any other art community or project, you can mesh all the projects together.  Take Me Deeper will assist you in reading your bible, understanding God’s word, and helping you learn how to express your God-given creativity.

v What about One Little Word or My One Word?  How does that fit into this process? 
So glad you asked!  Part of Take me deeper will be the opportunity to participate in Logos365™- finding the word God gives you to focus on for an entire year. Logos365™ will be a component of Take Me Deeper.  We will offer a worksheet for you to use to discover your logos365™, discussions about how to identify your logos365™ and how to live your logos365™ out through the year.  Then, monthly Logos365™ prompts will initiate discussions about how you are doing living your word.

Go deeper
Find out how 52 weeks will change how you
& apply God’s word

52 devotions 
  52 verses
52 art projects

Will you walk out in faith with us in 2015 and go deeper?

Come and have fun, faith and friendship for free at His Kingdom Come!

Join us at and sign up for the Take me Deeper group Here

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

His Kingdom Come Community Blog Hop today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to a very exciting blog hop.  Today we are celebrating the launch of a brand new online Christian Creative Community: His Kingdom Come.

This is an online Community where fellow Christians can encourage, share and learn about Christianity and explore the God-given creativity that he has put in us all.  It will be a safe place to share your faith, be inspired, and explore creativity across many art mediums - journaling, mixed media, painting, bible journaling, textiles, watercolor and more.  His Kingdom Come will offer free tutorials, technique classes, devotionals, crafts to celebrate the holidays, opportunities to go deeper in your faith and in your knowledge of God and the Bible.   The website will also offer Christian artists a platform to host classes (free or fee-based) which you will be able to sign up for.

A team of talented Christian artists have come together to launch this exciting new community.  This blog hop is your chance to get to know them.

It doesn’t matter where you start within the blog hop.   Or you can start at the beginning with Diane.  Each blog has the complete list of participants.

As you visit each blog you will be given a letter eg. D.   When you have collected all the letters they will make a word.  When you have worked out the word email Bernice ( with the word.  We will randomly choose 3 people who have the correct answer to win a prize.   All entries must arrive by Noon (Pacific time) on Monday 3rd November. Join the Facebook group Here.

The letter to collect from my blog is:  I

Here are the prizes that will be given away!!

Let me introduce myself and why I am Part of HKC:

Brief Bio: I live in San Diego, Ca. I have been married for 14 years (Dan) and have two children Reeana (my stepdaughter) who is 21 and in college to become a Sonographer and my son Jordan who just turned 9 this month. I became a Christian when I was 18 when a group of friends took me to church. I remember we were studying the book of Revelations and after about a month of going, it was like my eyes were opened and it all started to make sense. I have had some ups and downs in my walk with the Lord. But he has always been relentless, patient and faithful in his pursuit of my soul. In the past year I have re-dedicated my life to him and he is working through me for His glory every day.

How does your faith impact your creativity? I can only create things that mean something to me, so my faith always seems to show up in one capacity or another (even when I wasn't walking closely with Him). This is how I know that even when I was far away, he was always near.

What is your preferred medium of creativity?  Mixed Media/Portraits   What appeals to you about this? I get bored very easily and with mixed media there is always something new and different you can play around with.

What other areas of creativity do you dabble in? I also like book binding and journal making

What is your role within the His Kingdom Come team?   I am co-founder of the site and one of the Admins, artists and whatever else that is needed.

What are your hopes for this new community? I hope for a place that we as believers are encouraged by one another. A place where we can learn and share our creativity, have fun, and to grow in our faith and in return go out into our communities and be Children of the Light for His Glory, honor and praise!!

Where to find me: On Facebook: Twisted Figures, art by ShonnaBucaroff, Etsy:  and His Kingdom Come

I hope you are as excited as I am at being part of this online venture.  Our vision is to build an online community not just be a project-led site.  A place where you can find encouragement, share your heart and your problems and find help.

To join our community please visit His Kingdom Come

Don't forget to visit the next blog on the Blog Hop List!!!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

His Kingdom Come New Art Community!

Put it on your calendar, come and have fun, maybe win a prize and meet the team, get to know them, their hearts, their art  and join our His Kingdom Come community!  
Saturday November 1, 2014
Blog hop (4)

Great prizes if you complete the blog hop and gather your letters.
As you visit each blog you will be given a letter eg. D.   When you have collected all the letters they will make a word.  When you have worked out the word email Bernice (hkcbloghop@gmail) with the word.  We will randomly choose 3 people who have the correct answer to win a prize.  All entries must arrive by Noon (Pacific time) on Monday 3rd November. Join the Facebook Group Here.
Blog hop prize MaryBlogHopPrize BerniceBlogHopPrize Marjolaine

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Big Announcement right here!!!!

I am so excited to announce "His Kingdom Come" a brand new Faith Art Community!!! I am partnering up with Diane Marra from and  a wonderful team of Christian Artists ( Bernice Hopper, Mary Brack, Marjolaine Walker,Anita Homuth Van Hal, Justine Dandrea, Libbi Byrd Corson, and Noelle Oklowicz). These amazing women are joining our creative hearts to help launch this exciting new Faith Art community and we are hoping you will join us as well.

His Kingdom Come will be a safe place to share your faith, be inspired, and explore creativity across many art mediums- journaling, mixed media, painting, bible journaling, textiles, water color and more. His Kingdom come will offer free tutorials, technique classes, devotionals, crafts to celebrate the holidays, opportunities to go deeper in your faith and in your knowledge of God and the Bible. His Kingdom Come will offer Christian artists a platform to host classes (free or fee-based) with a great profit sharing plan.  You can also advertise on His Kingdom Come.  
We woul love to have you participate, become a member or volunteer for a moderator position. 
Lots of people are talking about online projects for 2015 and we want to encourage you, invite you and get you excited about 
Take me deeper banner
Are you looking for a way to incorporate your devotional faith life with your everday life?  To be encouraged, inspired and to try new ways to go deeper in your faith?   Then you will love the free Take Me Deeper 2015 project. Each week we will post a devotion, a worship song and multiple art projects that connect to your daily life that will inspired you to live with the verse/devotion of that week and allow God to transform you. We will have multiple forums with multiple moderators taking that weekly devotion and giving you inspiration in journaling, scrapbooking, mixed media, textiles, water color, digital scrapbooking, crafts, doodling and bible journaling.  Join His Kingdom come and get prepared to incorporate your faith creatively into your daily life!

Another free class His Kingdom Come will offer in January 2015 will be the Logos365 project. Logos365 is different from other online one word projects. Logos 365 is about exploring and living by and WITH the “word” God gives you for 2015. There will be free worksheets and devotions to assist you in going deeper with God and hearing the "logos" (word in Greek) he whispers into your heart.  His Kingdom Come will support you and your logos for the entire year as we walk with Him in our logos. 

To join this exciting community click here

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Hey All!!!!
I hope you are all doing well!! Life has been awesome, scary, crazy, joyful and busy for me!! My baby is going to be 9 tomorrow and my other baby just turned 21 at the end of August (what?). School is back in session for my son (the 9 year old) and it has been slow in getting back into the "routine."  My boy definitely does not enjoy school as much as my girl did (and does; she is working on her BA degree). 

The biggest thing going on for me lately is the "free" online workshop I am offering called Kingdom Come. It is a Faith Art Journaling class that I felt called to do and I have been privileged to have an amazing group of people join who are all in various stages of their walk with God and with their art. Many of you are in the class so you know how great you all are!!! I have learned so much from everyone and I love seeing what God is doing in this group!!

If you are not part of the Kingdom Come group, it is not too late to join. On November 1, 2014,  I will no longer be offering the class for free (existing members of the group will have unlimited access to the videos for an unlimited amount of time). After November 1, I will still offer the class, but it will be a self-paced course for a small fee (I will keep you posted on that). I will also keep the Facebook group open for everyone (I love the fellowship). So, if you have any friends that you think may be interested in joining us; please let them know before November 1.

Here are some of the lessons from the Kingdom Come Workshop!!

I also have some ideas for other online "Faith" workshops. I hope to be working on those soon. 

In the meantime, I am having a sale on my other two workshops!! The sale is until October 20, 2014 and I would love for you to join.

The first one is called "Believe"    

- This is a project base workshop and you will learn the following:
  • Image transfer using your ink jet printer and tissue paper.
  • Joint compound (or Spackle) to add texture
  • Doodling
  • Stenciling
  • composition
  • collage and more
This class has over 1.5 hours of video lesson and is on SALE untilOctober 20 for Only $10 (regularly $15)

The second one is called "Whimsical Wall Hanging"   

-This is a project AND technique based workshop and you will learn the following:
  • Learn how to make your own foam stamps.
  • Make your own pattern fabric.
  • Learn how to draw a whimsical face.
  • Learn how to draw a whimsical on fabric.
  • Learn how to shade a face using acrylic craft paint.
  • Using fabric and the patterned fabric we make, we will construct a skirt for our girl, embellish and then place her in an embroidery hoop.
*Very little sewing experience needed-trust me, I am no expert sewer!! 
This class has over 4.5 hours of video lesson and is on SALE until October 20 for only $20 (regularly $30).

I am so excited with how things are going on the site and I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store next!!!



Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Kingdom Come Free Class is in Full Swing!

I am amazed at the amount of people who have joined my Free Online Spiritual Art Journal course, Kingdom Come. Right now there are about 280 and more and more are joining daily.

We just finished week one and people are posting their work in the Facebook group. I am in awe of the talent and the openness of these students. Everyone is at a different place in their spiritual walk with God and He is meeting us all where we are.

Here is a look at the first lesson. We looked at a verse in Galatians and then made a mixed media cross. It is not too late to join us!! I also have a few other online courses going on right now as well. So come over to the site and check it out.

Kingdom Come Lesson #1:

"Believe" Mini-workshop $15 is also still available: This workshop has over an hour and a half of video lessons where you will learn tissue transfers, doodling, painting and how to work with Joint Compound.

And my brand new workshop "Whimsical Wall-Hanging There are 9 video lessons with over 3 hours of instructions. In the workshop you will learn how to make your own stamps out of simple and inexpensive materials. Once you have made your stamps, learn how to make your own patterned fabric that will be used in the piece as part of the dress. I will also be teaching how to draw and paint a whimsical girlie on fabric. -All this for only $20

Here is a short promo video:

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Free Video is up!!

Just a reminder of my "free" online art class Kingdom Come!! You can sign up at . I just posted a video on how to make your own journal for the class. I would love for you to join us!! I also have a Facebook group set up and we already have almost 100 members!! It is a wonderful group of people who at at various places in their walk with God. 

I just posted a free video on how to make a simple art journal for the class. Once you join here, you are able to view the video in the group "Kingdom Come."

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Kingdom Come "Free" Online Class!!!

I am super excited to announce a free online class that I am getting ready to launch in September!! It is called Kingdom Come. You may or may not know that I am a Christian. I have recently started really getting back into God's word and finally feel like I am learning what it means to have a "personal relationship" with Jesus.

I have been praying that God will show me how to serve others with my art and this is what I (with His help) have come up with.

This course is going to start Sunday, September 14 and consist of 5 weeks in an art journal (which I will show you how to make).

Week 1: "Jesus Saves"-Art journal page based on Jesus and who he is.
Week 2: "Step out of the Boat"-An art journal page on trusting God and his plan for you.
Week 3: "Anchor For My Soul"- Art based on assurance of our Faith.
Week 4: "I exalt Thee"- Art journal page on praise and worship.
Week 5: "Love God, Love People"- Art journal page on loving God and being a light in the world.

The course will be on my Ning site twistedfigures . So head on over to become a member. You will also have your own page on the site where you can upload a profile picture, photos etc. I would love for you to join the site; I just got it up and running, and it could use some love!!

I also have a Facebook Group for the course, that I would love for you to be part of.

I want to also say that this course and group is for anyone!! If you are a believer...Amen!!! If you aren't sure, but are searching for something...awesome!!! If you just want somewhere to go that is a loving, caring and supportive art environment....come and join us!! The motto for this class is simple... "Love God, Love People."

I hope to meet you and get to know you wherever you are on your spiritual journey.


Sunday, August 10, 2014

My First Online Mini-Workshop is Here!!!

I am so excited to finally get a class going on my NING site!!! They say once you get the first one up, the rest will be a breeze!! I hope so!!

This class was part of the wonderful online collaboration "Soul Food" that I was part of earlier this year and now I am able to offer it as a self paced workshop on its own!!

In this class, there are over 1 1/2 hours of pre-recorded videos. In these videos you will learn how to make a tissue image transfer, work with joint compound and much much more!! The best part? I am offering it for only $15!!! All of the videos are uploaded and ready to be viewed, downloaded and viewed again right now!! Come over to my Ning site and get signed up!!!

Monday, June 9, 2014

My First Portrait Class!

I am teaching two portrait classes this month called "Whimsical Portraits" and the first one was this past Saturday! I wanted the class to be super small so I could work out the kinks (If any). The class was supposed to be 5 hours, but we ended up staying for about 6 1/2 and still really didn't finish. So, I am going to have change a few things for the next one coming up on June 28. That class is going to have 7 students. I really enjoy teaching how I draw and paint portraits!! These students amazed me. None of them have ever drawn any kind of face before and their end product was so impressive to me. They had so much fun and couldn't believe they were actually drawing something that they liked. I knew they could do it!!

People seem to think that you have to be naturally talented to be able to draw and paint, but I don't feel that way. Just like Math, or anything else, I believe drawing and painting can be taught!! My students proved that!!

Class Advertisement (6 pages of step by step how to draw a face, body, dress ideas and hair ideas)

Class Sample
One of my students first ever drawing of a Whimsical Girl (can you believe how good that is?)

Our Work Area

Another students sketches (WOW!!)

The "almost" finished canvases.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Online Kids Class Sale!!

Since it is close summer time and the kids are desperate for some fun!! I am offering my two kids classes for 50% off!! For only $6 and a few supplies, your kids can learn to draw and paint in the privacy of their own home!! All of my videos are prerecorded and ready to watch instantly! Just set your kids up in front of the computer with their supplies and they are ready to have some fun!! They can pause the video, rewind if they missed something or stop and continue later on. It's like having your own private Art lesson that you can view over and over!! 

Visit my NING site for more information

Also, here is my latest video: Magical Little Soul


Sunday, June 1, 2014

A video and new Art Journal Page!!

My boy is out of school and we look forward to many shenanigans this summer!! Here is my latest video and a new art journal page. Enjoy!!

And here is my latest art journal page (video coming shortly for this one).

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Here is my latest video "Stuck."

I ended up tweaking her a little bit after I filmed the video. I gave her a necklace, shaded her hair a little more and added some shading around the word "Stuck." 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sunday Mornings With Mindy Lacefield

Mindy Lacefield of Tim's Sally is hosting a free workshop for the next 5 weeks. It is a christian based class called Sunday Mornings. I was so excited to hear that she was offering this class. It is something I have been wanting to either start or be a part of for awhile now. I want to get more in touch with my spirituality and connect more with God. Here is the link if you would like to join in on the fun.

I decided to make a journal so I can continue on with my journey after the five weeks with Mindy has ended. Our first lesson was to paint a praying girlie with a writing prompt "Lord, lead me to your light."

Front Cover

 Back Cover

Week One Lesson

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

What I've Been Up to...

Teaching, Teaching, Teaching!!! I love Teaching!! And as much as I love teaching in person (which I will continue to do), I am anxious to launch my very first adult online class!! I am filming the class now and I am so excited about it!! It has a little bit of everything for a little bit of everyone!! There will be fabric painting, stamp making, girlie drawing, girlie painting, sewing, gluing, frolicking and much more!! Please stay tuned for this fun filled class!! In the mean time here is a sneak peak...

Join my NING Site to get up to date information on when this online class will launch!!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What are the Benefits of Online Art Classes?

I have been teaching live art classes to children as well as adults for awhile now and I have had some questions regarding online classes. I love teaching in person in my local area, but I know that some people do not LIVE in my area and are not able to come to my classes. To solve this problem, I am going to be offering online classes. Well, I actually already have two kids lessons up right now on my NING network and will be releasing adult classes very soon.
Online classes are WONDERFUL!! Here are the benefits:
  • My lessons are video based (usually 3 or more videos at approximately 20 minutes or longer).
  • These videos are of me demonstrating step by step how to create the art project for that lesson (It is like having a personal one on one lesson).
  • You will be able to download the lessons to your own computer so you can keep them for as long as you like (or you can just watch them on my site).
  • You can take the lesson in the privacy of your own home and at any time that is convenient for you.
  • During the lesson, you can pause, start over, rewind or stop the lesson and come back later.
  • If you have more than one child, you pay only ONE time.
  • Online video lessons are great for homeschoolers! Or for kids that have schools that have eliminated or cut back their art program.
I'm very excited about this new endeavor and I can't wait to get to my art room and create more online lessons for adults as well as kids.