Wednesday, May 27, 2009

$25 And Under Art Sale for People In Need!!!-UPDATE!

Hi Everyone,

***I just slashed the prices in my store even more!!****

I have two very good friends who are going through an extremely difficult time right now.

First is my friend Susan. Recently, her son Omar was killed in a tragic car accident while serving in Iraq. What makes it worse is he was only 3 days away from his 21st birthday and was due to come home soon. There is an investigation into the cause of this "accident" but nevertheless, her oldest and only son is gone. I can't imagine losing a child, let alone a child who is serving our country. There is a memorial fund set up for Omar and I would really like to help in some way. My heart goes out to Susan and her family.

Here is a video tribute to Omar...

Second is another good friend of mine Jackie who's father Mark has prostate cancer. He has been going through every imaginable treatment possible for the past few years, but the cancer has come back. The doctors have told the family there is nothing more they can do and give him about 18 months to live. He is only 58 years old and he and his family are not ready for him to die. They want to send him to Korea for some more advanced treatment. Unfortunately, because the treatment is out of the Country, the insurance will not cover it. Here is a blog that has been set up for him if you would like to take a look

This is a picture of Mark

I have been trying to think about what I can do to help. So I thought I would reach out to my wonderful blog readers. So here is what I am going to do...

I am continuing the sale I am having in my Etsy shop (most original paintings are 50% off) and 100% of the sales from my already existing paintings and prints will be split between the two families. If you would like something custom done, I will donate 50% of the proceeds from those paintings.

If you are not interested in helping, I perfectly understand. Thoughts and prayers for these families would be so much appreciated.

Thanks everyone!!
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