Monday, December 14, 2009

The Elf On The Shelf and A Giveaway!!!!!

I finished my shopping and my custom orders, so now I feel like I can finally enjoy the holidays!! Having a 4 year old really helps you to remember how magical this time of year is. Teaching him what Christmas is really about and all of the other traditions has been so meaningful for me.

I have also introduced a new tradition into our home..."The Elf On The Shelf." I just heard about this from some friends and I thought it was the cutest thing ever. This cute little elf (Jordan named ours Ted) sits somewhere in your home "watching" the little ones and taking notes for Santa. At night when we are all sleeping, he magically travels to the North Pole with his report. The next morning he is in a new place in the home causing a little mischief along the way. My son is all over this!! Every morning he wakes up looking for where Ted's new sitting "spot" is. Ted always seems to knock something over in the process of climbing up to his new spot. This is so much fun!!! I purchased Ted at Barnes and Noble along with a book that accompanies him. There is also a cute website your child can play games and register your family's elf.

Here is Ted in his very first sitting spot (He is on the Christmas tree right now).

Jordan and Ted (Jordan got his face painted at Barnes and Noble). See how Ted is keeping his eye on Jordan making sure he's being a good boy...what a good elf!

Giveaway time:
Does your family have any holiday traditions? Leave a comment about your traditions and you will be entered to win a one of a kind hand illustrated Journal (made from recycled materials). If you don't have any traditions, leave a comment letting me know what you enjoy about this time of year (I would love get to know more about you).

I will draw a winner on Monday December 21!!
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