Saturday, March 10, 2012

So you are upset about Picnik closing?

My favorite free online photo editing program "Picnik" is being closed as of April 19, 2012.  I could never really grasp the whole Photoshop thing, so Picnik was my go to place for all of my editing needs. I stumbled across Picnik about a year ago and couldn't believe how user friendly it was. So I have been editing ALL of my artwork photos using this website. When I found out it was closing, I seriously almost cried!!

I have been doing some research on other free photo editing sites and I found none of them to be as cool as Picnik...UNTIL NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy that I stumbled across a blog that informed me that the people who worked on Picnik have started their own site called "Picmonkey" . It is almost identical to Picnik which means it is just as user friendly. I tested it out today and I LOVE IT!!!!

I did a few cool things with my most recent journal page to show you an example of what you can do.

Here is the original with no editing:

Here is is using "Picmonkey"- I cropped the page, adjusted the exposure (darkened), temperature, softened the image and added a shadow border.

Here I changed the whole image to a Sepia tone.

Here I changed the image to "Cross Process."

And finally, I added a white cloudy border and a thought bubble with text.

The possibilities are endless with Picmonkey and they haven't even finished adding all of the features to the site. Go and play around with your own images (or they even have their own pictures you can practice with)!
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