Monday, October 14, 2013

Art Teacher??

Well, I guess I can call myself that now!! I have been teaching two art journal classes for several months and now I will be teaching kids classes twice a month. I also have an adult mixed media card class that I'm trying to kick off locally as well. I've been sooooo busy!! I have neglected my poor blog. Sometimes I'm not sure if anyone reads it anyway. LOL!!

Here are some pics of my recent classes...

My home Journal Junkies Class Made this:

 My Charity Wings Journal Junkies Class made this:

We will make these cards in the next Mixed Media Class I will be teaching:

And here is the kids class I am teaching this Friday:

And don't forget the online class I am teaching along with a ton of other artists. Soul Food!! Sign ups are open and it is going to be wonderful class!!!

Hope you have a great week!!
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