Thursday, December 10, 2015

Join Us for 2016 Take Me Deeper-DNA!!

Last year was our first year of Take Me Deeper and we had such a fun time going "deeper" in God's word each week, we decided to do it again this year!!

I would love to invite any of my friends and family to come and join us at His Kingdom Come for our 2016 Year long project -- Take Me Deeper DNA.... a look at "Who I am in Christ." Does the enemy ever lie to you? Of course he does, he always does! Does he try to convince you that you don't count? That Jesus can't possibly love you, that He forgives everyone else, but just forget about THAT sin .... and on and on and on? You've heard that tape play in your head, right? Okay, so it's time to learn the truth....learn who you REALLY are in Christ according to what the Truth of God's Word says!

There will be devotional studies provided bi-weekly and then on the "off week" you'll receive information for a creative prompt to remind you and really bring to heart what you studied.

The cost for all this? FREE! The results? You will go deeper in your walk with the Lord! Click here to join this wonderful year-long study starting Friday, January 1, 2016

Note: You must become a member of the His Kingdom Come community in order to join the Take Me Deeper-DNA Group; don't worry though, it is quick, free and easy!!

Here is some of the artwork I created from last year's Take Me Deeper project.


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