Sunday, August 3, 2008

Tour of my Studio....If you want to call it a studio

Here is my work desk. I have all kinds of things stored on the top shelf. Things like fabric, felt, chipboard books and a bin for my son's art supplies. The bottom shelf has all of my chipboard letters (I kinda got carried away with chipboard letters). To the left on the wall is my cute little Suzi Blu print I bought recently. It is a odd size so I had to get creative in order for it to fit into the frame.

These are all of my unmounted stamps that I put in CD cases and in my desk drawer. I also keep my die cuts in there as well.

In my top right drawer I keep distress inks , embossing powders and distressing tools.

My middle drawer contains some of my foam stamps and glitter.

I have a smaller desk on the left side of my bigger desk (this comes in handy for storage).

In the top drawer I keep all of my paints and various mediums

The bottom drawer had my ink pad, oil pastels, and tools.

This is a really cool item I purchased that holds all of my paper embellishments, rub-ons and stickers. I love it because I can see everything I have right at my fingertips.

This is my paper I have a lot of fricken paper! On the top I keep all of my Golden Acrylics and gel mediums. I use these a lot so I like them right next to me.

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