Monday, November 24, 2008

I am taking a potty break!!

Potty training that is... I'm going to be a little absent this week. Since we are on Thanksgiving break this week (no pre-school), I have decided to get this kid potty trained. Enough is enough already!!! He turned 3 on Oct. 2nd and boy is he a stubborn one (just like his dad...LOL!). I have tried several times and many potty charts and incentives, even the Potty Fairy...(don't ask) and nothing has worked. Well I am staying home and not going to see the light of day this week until my little boy is peeing and pooing in the potty!!!! Wish me luck...boys are tough!! Feel free to leave comments with potty tips that have worked for you (I could use all the help I can get).

On an art note, I am working on more ornaments, shadow boxes, door hangers and other Christmas goodies for a craft bazaar on Dec. 5th that I will be attending. I will post pictures soon...

I also have a few more tutorials in mind, so stay tuned.
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