Friday, March 13, 2009

MOVE...and the way will open

Here is a new piece I have been working on. I feel like I am beginning to branch out into my own. I have spent the past year learning as much as I possibly can and the natural progression seems to be moving more towards my own distinctive style...I hope. I would appreciate any feedback regarding this.

The piece is done on 9X12 wood and I really wanted her beauty to stand out so I decided to keep my background fairly simple. The saying "Move and the way will open" means so much to me. The word I have adopded as my "mantra" for this year is "MOVE." I no longer am going to sit by and let opportunities pass me by, I am going to move and make it happen. This goes for my personal life as well as my artistic life (yes, they are definitely seperate worlds). I am ready to make a move...

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