Friday, September 11, 2009

What a busy week!!

This week has been crazy!! Jordan started big boy school on Wednesday. He did pretty good the first day. I was proud of him. This was a huge adjustment for him. New classroom location, longer day, 20 kids instead of about 12 and lots of new faces. Luckily, the first day was my day to work in the class. He had a little meltdown towards the beginning of class and just wanted to go home, but I talked to him and we worked it out (ok, I had to bribe him with a transformer toy...I'm not perfect). The second day before school, he had a serious temper tantrum and did NOT want to go at all. He tried everything he could think of to get out of going, but I stood my ground (no bribes). Once he realized it was no use, he snapped out of it and was his normal chipper, energetic self. Once we got to school, he was great and I left. Of course I worried the whole 3 hours about him, but when I got back to pick him up I was told he did great.

Wednesday was also my 9 year wedding anniversary. My hubby and I left our 16 year old to babysit and went out to a nice dinner. It was so nice to sit down and have adult conversation with no interruptions. My husband and I decided we should do this more often (we will see). Here we are at dinner (not our best picture).

Last night Jordan started to complain that his stomach and throat were hurting. I told him to lay down on my lap. After a bit, he sat up and vomited all over me (yay me). He proceeded to vomit about 3 more times. I felt so bad for him. Today he is doing fine. He must have had a 24 hour flu thing. He probably got it from one of the 20 kids in his new class. (no pics of one wants to see that).

In art news, I have been learning how to make my own journals in Julie Prichard's "Super Nova" class. Here is the first journal. I have the second one almost complete. I will post pictures of that one soon.

Have a great weekend!!
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