Monday, November 2, 2009

Did you have a good Halloween?

We had over 200 trick or treaters! We are usually busy on Halloween in our neighborhood, but this was crazy! They were dropping them off by the truck loads! We always run out of candy, so in addition to the 6 or 7 bags I bought, my husband went to Costco and bought about 200 full sized candy bars. I've always wanted to do something like that and it seems this was the perfect year. We had such a blast passing out the candy to all of the little (and big) kids. My son is 4 now and had a great time going from house to house. If it wasn't a scary house, he would tell me to stay behind. He wanted to go up by himself because he was a "big boy." If it was a scary house, he would have me go with him. Once he wasn't scared anymore, he would tell me to leave. This age is so funny!

My husband has been dressing in this Gorilla costume for about 12 years. He loves to pass out candy and scare the kids.

Jordan was a Red Power Ranger. I'm having a hard time convincing him to take it off.

My daughter as a "Nerd." Even as a nerd, I still think she's beautiful!

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