Monday, April 12, 2010

The Rest of My Artfest Experience

Here are some more pictures from the beautiful grounds at Fort Worden.

This is the guard house that is supposed to be haunted. You can read the story here.

Day two was Sunny Carvalho's class. We learned to use Genesis Oil Paints which dry when heat set. I am going to get some of these paints so I can practice using them. I had such a great time in Sunny's class, she is a fabulous teacher and if you ever have an opportunity to take a class with it!! This woman is super talented!! She paints, sculpts, spins her own yarn (seriously), crochets, makes jewelry, purses, dolls and cuts wood (she made the little stands for our project from materials she found in the woods near her home...seriously!) Not to mention she is the sweetest person with the cutest little southern accent!!

Here is Sunny's painting (isn't it so adorable?)

Here is my work in progress...

Here is what it looks like right now. I added a bird at the top, but I still need to paint him to make him stand out more. I also need to add the wire and beads to the sticks holding up the painting.

When you flip the painting over, this is what you see.

That night was the Iron Artist contest. The teachers participated in a competition to create something with tools given to them to use (they got to use some of their own materials as well). They had only 45 minutes to complete their piece. Look at the amazing work these talented teachers/artists created. I think after 45 minutes, I would still be trying to figure out my color!
The Iron Artists pieces were raffled off and guess what? I won one of the pieces!! Here is what I won. The artist/teacher is Theo Ellsworth who is a very well known artist in Portland, OR (I am ashamed to say I had never heard of him, but I LOVE the piece I won). I put it in my son's room and he thinks it is so cool!!!

Day 3 was Misty Mawn's class. I was so excited for this class. I have taken both of her online classes and loved them. I really think taking her classes have helped me grow a lot in my artwork. She was a great teacher with a very calming way about her.

We were supposed to make a little book with several pieces....umm, this is the only one I got done that day (It appears I forgot what I learned in Jesse's class the first day and went back to my old perfectionist ways).

That night I went to dinner with these lovely ladies!!! We toured downtown Port Townsend and went to Jesse Reno's art exhibit at the Underground Coffee Shop (actually underground).

My Artfest experience was simply amazing! I learned so much, but by far the best part was all of the lovely ladies I met. Here are some of them (and some with the wonderful art they made).

Look for another post soon, I have some more art to share!!! I've been pretty busy.
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