Monday, May 7, 2012


If I haven't mentioned it before, I am taking the online course "Life Book" hosted by Tamara LaPorte of Willowing. Every week is a different Artist, teaching a different technique. Each month has a different theme as well. I am a little bit behind and I just finished the lesson from February which was "Celebrating your accomplishments." This was a little difficult for me. I don't feel like I've done anything great and wonderful as far as accomplishments. But then I started thinking about my family and what I contribute to it. Especially when it comes to my Step-daughter. I have helped raise her since she was 5 years old. If any of you are step parents, you know how difficult and complex it can be. She is now 18 years old and there have been many ups and downs throughout the years. But overall I think our relationship is great and it is only going to get stronger as the years go on. My life is forever changed for the better because she is in it! I hope she would say the same about me.

Here is my Journal page "Accomplishment."

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