Monday, May 28, 2012

Work In Progress

Here is a picture of an art journal page I am working on right now. I started out by sketching out a portrait on some paper I use to soak up the ink on my stencils when I am using them. I have a problem with the "white" page, so it helps me to loosen my mind a little by sketching on something with color. I then collaged her on a 9X12 piece of watercolor paper and then took some scrap pieces of paper and collaged them around the rest of the page. I stamped a "Chevron" design (a stamp that I made myself) in turquoise all over. I used a little bit of Gesso over some of the stamped areas and the edges of the paper to help blend them into the page (I used my index finger to do this). This is all I have done for now, but I thought I would share the process a little with you. This is something I want to do more often, but I always seem to forget to take pictures. I guess I tend to get in the "zone" and I don't think about taking pictures until it is too late.

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