Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Sunday Mornings 2...I'm a guest Artist!!

I am so excited to announce that I will be a guest artist in the new online Faithart Journal class, "Sunday Mornings 2" with Mixed Media artist Mindy Lacefield.
Last year, I took Mindy's  first class "Sunday Mornings" and God really used the class to speak to me. I had been lukewarm in my walk with Him for some time and He was pursuing me to put my faith and art into action for Him. Mindy's class really brought me closer to God and helped me to completely surrender my life to him once and for all. Soon after the class was over, I felt God calling me to offer my own online faith journaling class, "Kingdom Come" (available here). My class "Kingdom Come" prompted Diane Marra to get in touch with me about being part of a group of Christian women who wanted to start a Faith Based Art Community. That started my journey with His Kingdom Come and being part of the wonderful Foundation Team!! Isn't it great how God works in our lives??
When I found out that Mindy was offering "Sunday Mornings 2," and was looking for a few guest artists, I had to contact her. Mindy was already aware of how her first class affected my life and I'm happy to say she was extremely excited to have me teach a lesson in her course. I highly recommend this class. Mindy has a very unique style that is loose, intuitive and playful. She really has a way of helping students loosen up and get in touch with how to have fun with art (like we did in childhood).
To learn more about how to sign up for the class (and to view my artist profile), visit this link (Early Bird special is $19 if you sign up before April 20).
Peace and Blessings
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