Tuesday, February 24, 2015

New Online Class...Faithart 101!

On Saturday February 28th,  His Kingdom Come is launching its first collaborative class prepared by the 5 members of the Foundation Team.  Faithart 101 has been developed for beginners to Faith Journaling.   The 5 classes cover basic journaling information, how to translate scripture into art, the basics of drawing people, using scrapbooking techniques and mixed media techniques.

Each of the 5 classes can be purchased individually or all 5 can be bought together with a discount.  The individual classes are $8 each but you can buy all 5 together for $35.  PayPal will sort out the currency for you if you live outside the United States.    Once you have purchased your classes and have been added to the class site you can work through the classes at your own pace.  You will have unlimited access to the classes you have purchased.

The Foundation Team consists of Bernice, Mary, Shonna, Merri and Diane and each day this week you can find out more about each of us on our personal blogs.  We will also tell you about the class we are teaching as part of Faithart 101.
Bernice at Newly Creative on Sunday 22nd Feb.
Mary at Me, With My Head in the Clouds on Monday 23rd Feb.
Shonna at Twisted Figures on Tuesday 24th Feb.
Merri at Connecting Faith and Creativity on Wednesday 25th Feb.
Diane at Adore Him Creations on Thursday 26th Feb.

My class is "God's Girls." In this class I will go over a simple 3 question Bible Study (created by Anne Graham-Lotz) and how I create a faithart journal page based on that study. Part of the faithart journal pages will incorporate step by step instructions on how I draw a simple girl (PDF included) and then watercolor her. We will finish the page with some doodling and lettering.

Let me tell you a bit about myself:

 I live in San Diego, Ca. I have been married for 14 years (Dan) and have two children Reeana (my stepdaughter) who is 21 and in college to become a Sonographer and my son Jordan who is 9. I became a Christian when I was 18 when a group of friends took me to church. I remember we were studying the book of Revelations and after about a month of going, it was like my eyes were opened and it all started to make sense. I have had some ups and downs in my walk with the Lord. But he has always been relentless, patient and faithful in his pursuit of my soul. In the past year I have re-dedicated my life to him and he is working through me for His glory every day.

How does your faith impact your creativity? I can only create things that mean something to me, so my faith always seems to show up in one capacity or another (even when I wasn't walking closely with Him). This is how I know that even when I was far away, he was always near.

What is your preferred medium of creativity?  Mixed Media/Watercolor/Stylized Portraits  

What appeals to you about this? (Mixed Media):I get bored very easily and with mixed media there is always something new and different you can play around with. (Watercolor): Lately I have fallen in love with watercolor. I love how unpredictable it is and I really feel the results are just beautiful. (Stylized Portraits): Drawing portraits is my first love! In 2007 when I picked up a paintbrush for the first time, it was because of a portrait of a girl, I saw online. The artist was Emily Martin of The Black Apple. I just loved her style and was intrigued on how to draw girls the way she did, so off I went on my journey to learn all I could.
                                                                   The work of Emily Martin:

Who is your favorite person in the Bible and why? Of course Jesus is my favorite person in the Bible, he is the one I love most but if I had to pick someone else, I would have to say Paul. Who doesn't totally love Paul's story! A man who was dead set on persecuting Christians and then ended up becoming the one who wrote most of the New Testament. What a conversion story! Paul, in his love for God, went through so much to spread the Gospel and encourage churches through his letters. The persecutor became the persecuted, but Paul never wavered one bit. His encounter with Jesus was so powerful, he lived and died to tell others of that power. Yes, definitely Paul. 

What Bible verse do you regularly rely on? Lately, it is Proverbs 3:5 "Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding." My Logos365 is "Trust" so I have been meditating on that word for months now. I have created a few faithart pages that reflect that verse.

Join us on February 28th in taking Faithart101 at His Kingdom Come and learn more  about Faithjournaling.  If you are not already a member of the His Kingdom Come community then please sign up.  You can purchase the class or classes today.

Individual Classes are $8 each.
Full 5 Class Bundle is $35

Here is a little promo video showing my portion of the class!! All of the classes are going to be excellent and I highly suggest purchasing the bundle (it is a great deal at only $35).

Join us on February 28th in taking Faithart101 at His Kingdom Come and learn more  about Faithjournaling.  If you are not already a member of the His Kingdom Come community then please join our Creative Christian Community!  
Check out Merri's blog post at Connecting Faith & Creativity on Wednesday, February 25th.

Peace and Blessings,

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