Sunday, May 11, 2008


I received the most beautiful card from my husband today for Mom's Day. I felt like he had it made just for me. Since I was 14 years old, I have always had a job. When my son was born in 2005, I continued to work full time. I was in the Mortgage biz and my job was very stressful. By the time my son was 1 1/2, my heart just wasn't in it anymore. I wanted to raise my son. My mom was a single mom and she missed so much of me growing up. Someone else taught me how to do all of those milestones we go through as children. As my son was getting older he too was starting to meet those milestones...without his mother. My husband knew how stressed I was and recognized the importance of our son being raised by his parents and not by strangers. It was his suggestion that I just quit my job and stay home full time. As much as I wanted this, it was very scary for me. Like I said earlier, I worked practically all of my life. Would I be able to do this? We would be losing a good chunk of income as well, would we be ok? Well here we are a year later and I absolutely love being home with him. My husband also works from home, so our kids really have the ideal situation (even though they don't realize it). It has been such a blessing, that I have been able to see my son grow and learn on a daily basis. I get to do things with him that I would never be able to do if I were working. My husband and I are able to go to all of our daughter's High School Softball games (at 3:30pm) and there is no way I would be able to do that if I was still in Mortgage Hell. Yes, the finances are tough especially with the way the economy is the way it is today, but I wouldn't change it for the world. If I ever doubt the decision I made, I will definitely refer back to the card My husband gave me today. He also bought me some beautiful pink Oriental Lily's. We will plant them in our yard. He gave me some beautiful red ones three years ago and we planted them. They have grown into such an amazing plant (I have included pictures of them as well as the new pink ones). Oh, I also got some cool new art supplies too! Whoo Hoo!

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