Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Painting Revisited

A few posts back I spoke of a friend of mine (Shannon) who passed away. I painted a portrait to relieve some of my pain, but I ended up giving it to the family. I am very happy to say the painting ended up in the hands of her 7 year old son. Well, Shannon's mother is having an extremely hard time with the loss of one of her children (understandably so) and keeps inquiring about that painting. I was contacted by a mutual friend and asked if I would paint another one and mail it to her mother. I was happy to oblige and stayed up until 2 am this morning finishing it. As a mother myself, I just cannot imagine the pain she must be feeling right now. We are not supposed to outlive our children and my heart just breaks for her. I also made her a pendant with a picture of Shannon from my wedding back in 2000. I really hope this will help her in some small way find some peace. Prayers for this family would be much appreciated as they all are feeling such a tremendous loss.

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