Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Works In Progress

I have 3 commissions I am working on right now. Here is one of them. I rarely show works in progress, so I thought I would start doing it more often.

Also, my addiction to online classes continues. I am taking one of Monica Zuniga's online classes. This one is called "In My Garden." I have been a long time admirer of Monica's work and have always been curious as to her process, so I was delighted to find out that she was offering online classes. The only problem? She has FIVE of them!! It was very hard to choose one and I am scrambling to try and figure out how I can gather enough money to pay for ALL of them (LOL!!). The really cool thing is she shows you how to alter a book and then each class will be painted on the pages in the book. I really love this concept. I took one of my son's old "Blue's Clues" Board books (shhhhh don't tell him) and am using that for the classes. You have to check her NING site out; it is super cool (and so is she).

Here is my work in progress for the Garden class

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