Monday, February 25, 2013

Re-purposed Box Pin Cushion Tutorial

I received a cute little box of chocolates for Valentines Day and decided to see if I could re-purpose the box and make a pin cushion. Well, it worked and so I made a little tutorial for you. You don't have to use a box of chocolates, any little box will work.

Here is what you will need:
A Small Box
Fabric (I used a cute bandana that found at Wal Mart for $.98)
Ribbon (the picture shows washi tape, but I realized it wouldn't be sturdy enough)
Scrapbook paper (not shown)
Matte Medium (or Modge Podge)
Glue Gun

                            Hot glue fiberfill to top of the lid.                                 
 Cut fabric about 1 1/2 inches larger than the top of the lid.                                                                      

                           Hot glue the fabric tightly around the lid and cut off any of the excess fabric.

                                           Your box should now look like this.
Hot glue your ribbon around the edge of the box covering the bit of fabric that is still showing.

There was still some of the box showing at the bottom, so I decided to hot glue some white ric rac to cover the rest.

Now it is time to cover the bottom of the box (I really didn't want to be reminded of how many calories those chocolates were). Cut some decorative scrapbook paper to size and glue it to the bottom.

Here is what is looked like after I glued it.

                Add your sewing supplies and some pins in your cushion and you are all set.


                                           Here is what it looks like closed.


I hope you try this tutorial. I would love to see how yours turns out. Have a great week!

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