Saturday, February 7, 2015

Logos365...My Word for the year...

I think picking this word for the year is really going to kick my butt!! I have issues with trust in several areas of my life. Sometimes I try and control situations because I don't trust and on the other hand I am sometimes too trusting of people I shouldn't be. Being this way, (I am discovering) is a very dangerous mindset to have. But what I am learning is I can never go wrong with trusting my Lord. Being a Christian isn't easy, just as life isn't easy, but there is a peace in being a believer in Christ that I cannot explain. Knowing that there is someone who has been there, through everything I have ever struggled with and been tempted with. And not only has He been through it, He has been through much much worse. Oh, yes I am definitely on a journey of trusting Him and I have picked this word so He can teach me, and teach me He is.

On another note, have you heard about Bible Journaling? It is such a beautiful thing that I first heard of through Shanna Noel's Facebook Group (Journaling Bible Community). There are bibles you can get that have wide margins for taking notes, but leave it up to Christian artists and crafters, to take that concept one step further and make art in those margins. This group has over 10K members in it and people are actually getting into the word, making art and memorizing verses in the process. How fabulous is this? One of the artists I have been following is the very talented Jann Gray. She does amazing things in her Bible and I am a huge fan. Well she is offering two classes online about this very subject and showing wonderful techniques on how to bible journal and how to get started bible journaling. She calls it "Illuminated Journaling" and there are two classes that start on Feb. 15. They are only $20 and I think that is really reasonable. I signed up for them both. Here is her link if you are interested in checking them out. Fun stuff!!
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