Monday, September 15, 2008

Vicki Update and new paintings!

I am very happy to announce that Vicki's surgery went well and she is now at home recovering; thanks to all of your well wishes. She is a very sweet person and I am extremely happy she is doing well.

Here are some more paintings in progress from my Suzi class...

I am probably going to add some gold leaf to this, beeswax it and call it a day. I have about 15 layers on it. I couldn't decide what was wrong with it and then the talented Paulette Insall suggested that I highlight the moon and stars to make them stand out a little more. She was totally right; as soon as I did that I felt like the painting was more cohesive. Thanks Paulette!

Oh, Bee Girl...she was a difficult one! I put layers of bronze and gold metallic paint and I totally hated it; everything was too dark and looked muddy. I added tissue, stamps, and stencils and it just looked like a mess, so I put a top coat of cream paint and then wiped some of it off with a damp paper towel. I like it so much better now. I think I am done with it and will beeswax it (how fitting), but who knows; I might add a little stencil of sequin waste to give a honeycomb feel. Stay tuned...

This little sweetie is just starting to come alive. I know she is in love for the first time and so the name of this one will be "Lovestruck." I will start adding layers tonight.
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