Wednesday, February 4, 2009

2 more commissions finished and an award!!

I hope you all are having a creative day!!!! I just finished 2 more commissions. The boy is the brother of the recent "Busy Bee" painting I did the other day. The other one is for someone who contacted me through Etsy. She sells jewelry and wants to use this picture for her business cards and avatar. I thought that was a really cute idea. The painting is a small 6X6 on wood. Just to let you know, if you would like an original painting from me, I only charge $40 (including shipping if you live in the U.S.) for that size. I think that is pretty reasonable for an original. Contact me if you are interested in me painting something for you.

I have two more commissions to work on. Get this one....It is going to be my style of Princess Leia and....wait for it.......CHEWBACA!! I have a friend who is an animator for Disney; he has worked on many features and most recently did the opening sequence for "Enchanted." Well, he has requested these two Star Wars paintings from me for his two daughters. Apparently they LOVE Star Wars. I have to admit, this is a little intimidating for me. I mean, HE is the professional artist... When I asked him why he didn't just do it, he said it wouldn't mean as much if he drew it...I thought that was funny. So stay tuned for that...

Lastly, I have been given an award from the lovely SueAnn. This is a really cool award; I love the 50's gal on it!!

So, I also have to mention 5 things I am "into" this year. Well, the year is still young, but lemme see....

1. Diet Cherry Coke (used to HATE it, but for some reason I really love it now).
2. Facebook (WAAAAAY better than Myspace).
3. Taking quizes on Facebook (it is very addictive).
4. Ning groups (I belong to waaay too many groups on Ning...LOL!).
5. One Republic (I love this band!)

Ok, so I am supposed to tag people...well consider all of you tagged!! I subscribe to all of your blogs, so I totally want to see what you write about!!!!

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