Friday, July 31, 2009

Journal Page Complete

My first journal page is complete for "The Goddess and the Poet" class with Suzi Blu. I love this journal page so much and I really love working in a journal. I could never really understand what the purpose of an art journal was until now. I always thought it was a waste to work so hard on something that was just going to be closed most of the time, but I was so wrong. I feel so free when I work in it; like I'm more willing to take risks and have fun.I can't wait until it is all full and thick with embellishments. I'm going to sew in it and experiment with things that I wouldn't dare do on canvas or wood. Why did I wait so long to do this?? I think what finally sold me was that I feel like this would be something I could pass down to my son when he is an adult. I'm not so sure he would like to have paintings of girlies all over his bachelor pad, from his mommy. A journal would be something he could always have and put it wherever he wanted to.

If you don't have an art journal, I would HIGHLY recommend starting one.

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